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Reagents, Clinical Chemistry, Control, Serum, Triglyceride

Definition : Clinical chemistry reagents consisting of serum pooled either from donors with normal levels of triglycerides or from disease-state donors with above-normal concentrations of triglycerides; less frequently, as they are obtained by extracting triglycerides from normal donor serum (i.e., triglyceride-deficient serum). Triglyceride control reagents are mostly used for quality control of albumin assays performed in a sample of serum or plasma.

Entry Terms : "Serum Triglyceride Test Control Reagents"

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Analytical Control Systems Inc

ACS, Inc. is a small, closely held corporation dedicated solely to inventing and manufacturing diagnostic controls, reagents and tests. Since its founding in 1978, ACS has earned an excellent reputation as an OEM manufacturer. Our in-depth knowledge of manufacturing extremely stable protein & enzyme products either in lyophilized or liquid format has allowed us to move into a retail market and compete successfully with giants in the field. If you know us only as the manufacturer of ACT-Trolâ„¢ (US Patent # 5,939,325), be sure to browse through our comprehensive listing of products.

Pointe Scientific Inc

Pointe Scientific, Inc. was founded in Detroit and incorporated in the State of Michigan in 1981. Pointe is a privately held company and has moved to larger quarters in 1984 (Detroit), in 1987 (Lincoln Park) and to our present 25,000 square foot, Canton, Michigan location in 2004.

Synermed do Brasil Ltda

Synermed do Brasil Ltda

Synermed International Inc

Synermed is the world's leading developer of quality analytical methods in clinical chemistry. The company's design focus is two areas of traditional weakness of conventional chemistries, namely the elimination of common interferences and the stabilization of enzymes in liquid reagents.

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