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Lasers, Diode, Interstitial Thermotherapy

Definition : Diode lasers designed for thermal ablation of subcutaneous or deeper tissue; they usually include a high power (typically 40 to 60 W at a wavelength from 800 to 1,000 nm) diode laser generator and applicators that are inserted into the tissue to be ablated (e.g., tumor). Laser energy may be applied directly using either a bare fiber or a special diffuser tip (e.g., ring-mode or isotropic) as an applicator. Interstitial thermotherapy diode lasers are mostly used for percutaneous ablation of deep-seated tumors by coagulation necrosis at temperatures over 60 degrees C. Some systems use magnetic resonance imaging as a guide to locate the applicator and to evaluate the thermal results; other systems include thermal sensors and a computer programmed to regulate laser energy to keep the tissue temperature (e.g., tumor) within a prespecified range. Some of these lasers may also be used for hyperthermia procedures at temperatures from 42 to 45 degrees C (108 to 113 degrees F) to treat solid malignant tumors; most procedures combine hyperthermia with ionizing radiation (thermoradiotherapy) or chemotherapy (thermochemotherapy).

Entry Terms : "Interstitial Thermal Ablation Systems" , "Liver Ablation Systems" , "Cerebral Ablation Systems" , "Brain Ablation Systems" , "Interstitial Hyperthermia Systems" , "Hyperthermia Units" , "Transurethral Thermotherapy Systems" , "Prostatic Ablation Systems" , "Interstitial Thermotherapy Systems" , "Tissue Ablation Systems"

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