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Recorders, Tape, Audio

Definition : Tape recorders intended for storing sound information. These recorders include appropriate electronic circuitry and recording heads. During audio recording, their inputs are connected to a sound signal source (e.g., microphones); the information is retrieved through playback heads and the output is connected to loudspeakers. Most devices include both recording and reproducing components as a single unit.

Entry Terms : "Analgesia Units, Audio" , "Recorders, Audio" , "Audio Recorders" , "Sound Anesthesia Apparatus" , "Audio Analgesia Units"

UMDC code : 18350


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JEI has been providing Communications Recording Systems, Voice Logging Recorders, and custom Audio equipment for public safety and military intelligence applications since 1967. Our longevity and success is built on producing reliable equipment that is easy to operate.

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