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Tester/Reconditioners, Battery

Definition : Devices designed to determine the electrical conditions (state of charge and/or capacity of being charged) and restore the capacity of rechargeable batteries (e.g., nickel-cadmium, lead-acid, lithium). These devices restore the capacity of rechargeable batteries using a controlled charge and/or discharge cycle, which reverses some chemical process inside the battery, such as crystalline formation on the cell plates (memory) of nickel-cadmium batteries. Most testers can also identify battery defects, display deficiencies, and determine the charge energy required and the useful ampere-hours in the battery. Some battery testers/reconditioners can automatically recognize the type of battery and restore and/or recharge the battery accordingly using preprogrammed values of electric current and/or voltage.

Entry Terms : "Battery Analyzer/Reconditioners" , "Battery Reconditioners"

UMDC code : 18349


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Alexander Technologies

Alexander Technologies is a world leader in the design, development and manufacturing of portable power solutions for two-way radios, portable barcode scanners, portable printers and other equipment.

Alexander Technologies Ltd

Alexander Technologies Ltd

Battery Clinic Inc

Battery Clinic, Inc. provides Replacement, OEM, and Custom batteries and battery packs for most every portable power need.

Battery Products Inc

House of Batteries

House of Batteries is a manufacturer of highly customized as well as off-the-shelf energy solutions for portable and stationary products used in medical, defense, aerospace, industrial, and green energy markets. With a company history dating back to 1965, House of Batteries is one of the most experienced battery assembly / battery pack manufacturers and distributors in the United States.

JASCO Battery Specialists Inc

JASCO Battery Specialists, Inc. came from humble beginnings; a few dollars of my own, a few more dollars from a brother-in-law, a few things that I learned from my father "work hard, be honest and don't throw good money after bad" and a dream.

Maguire Enterprises

MarathonNorco Aerospace Inc

MarathonNorco Aerospace, Inc. provides a total solution to aircraft power needs from Engine, APU Starting, Emergency Power, to Ground Support and Battery Maintenance.

NCE Battery

Originating in 1968, National Creative Enterprises is a manufacturer and distributor of battery packs and batteries for hospital and medical equipment and two-way communication applications.

Ohlin Sales Inc

For over 40 years Ohlin Sales Inc. also know as OSI BATTERIES has been a leader in the replacement battery business. We have served our communications, industrial and medical customers with only the highest quality products from the best manufacturers.

Powerline Battery Specialist Co

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