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Testers, Laser Beam

Definition : Testers designed to assess the performance of laser radiation (i.e., laser beams); they can measure, display, and analyze some or all of the most critical laser beam characteristics, typically including peak intensity, centroid position, beam shape, intensity profile, beam diameter, ellipticity, Gaussian fit analysis, and relative power/energy. These testers usually consist of a beam detector (e.g., charged-coupled device [CCD] camera, knife-edges), a computerized unit, appropriate software for beam analysis, and a display. Laser beam testers are used for alignment, optimization, and quality control of laser beams delivered from continuous-wave and/or pulsed-laser medical devices.

Entry Terms : "Laser Beam Testers" , "Laser Beam Profilers" , "Laser Beam Analysis Systems" , "Pattern-Analysis Optics" , "Beam Analysis Optics" , "Diagnostic Devices, Laser Beam"

UMDC code : 17973


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