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Collimators, Gamma Camera

Definition : Collimators designed for selective absorption of unwanted gamma rays, permitting the passage of radiation only in the desired path. These collimators are made of heavy metals (e.g., lead); the basic types used in gamma cameras are pinhole, parallel hole, diverging, and converging collimators, each with specific uses. Gamma camera collimators are an essential component of gamma cameras and single photon emission tomography scanning systems.

Entry Terms : "Nuclear Imaging Systems" , "Gamma Camera Collimators"

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Diagnostix Plus Inc

JRT Assoc


MEDX has been a leading provider of new, remanufactured and refurbished nuclear medicine equipment, accessories and parts. In that time, MEDX has delivered over 3,000 nuclear medicine cameras and accessories to facilities all over the world.

Nuclear Fields (Australia) Pty Ltd

Nuclear Fields (Australia) Pty Ltd

Nuclear Fields bv

Nuclear Fields bv

Nuclear Fields USA Corp

Nuclear Fields has built a reputation on the high quality and precision of collimators for radiation detection devices. We have in-house engineering and manufacturing capabilities to design, prototype, and mass produce your collimator and anti-scatter solution.

Positron Corp

Originally a research and development company focused on technology, Positron's business strategy has evolved over the past 3 years from an imaging device manufacturer to a company that provides a comprehensive "full nuclear cardiology solution". Positron is actively pursuing key initiatives to ensure the growth and longevity of the company, as well as, the industry by securing the supply of key isotopes, providing necessary radiopharmaceuticals that apply to both PET and SPECT imaging modalities and offering attractive financing solutions.

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