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IVD Panels, Human Genetics, Pharmacogenetic

Definition : Molecular assay reagents intended to identify genetic variants associated with altered patient response to pharmaceuticals. Variants have been identified at multiple genetic loci that affect pharmacokinetics (i.e., drug metabolism) or pharmacodynamics (i.e., the interaction between a drug and its target). These pharmacogenetic tests are intended to be used as an aid in establishing proper pharmaceutical dosing, potentially avoiding adverse reactions or sub-therapeutic dosing in certain patients. These reagents are intended to detect various types of genetic changes (e.g., deletions, duplications, insertions, substitutions) in multiple pharmacogenetic loci simultaneously. In addition to general pharmacogenetic panel tests that detect genetic variants that affect the metabolism of many drugs, panel tests tailored to detecting pharmacogenetic variants affecting drugs used in specific clinical indications (e.g., mental health pharmaceuticals, pain pharmaceuticals) are also available.

Entry Terms : "Pharmacogenetics Panel Test Reagents" , "Pharmacogenomics Panel Test Reagents"

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