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Hair Graft Harvesting Units

Definition : Equipment designed to remove hair follicles individually for later placement in a recipient area (i.e., hair harvesting). These units perform a minimally invasive technique procedure for hair harvesting known as follicular unit extraction (FUE) rather than harvesting the hair follicles in strips. Some units consist of an automated computerized machine that can select and harvest thousands of viable follicles in each working session using a robotic arm and following a dedicated software with minimum changes in the appearance of the donor area. The harvested follicles should be placed manually in the recipient area. Other simpler units consist of a handheld powered device used for manual harvesting the single follicles selected by the operator; the same device may be used later for transplantation into the recipient area. Hair graft harvesting units are used to perform and/or facilitate cosmetic treatments involving hair transplantation.

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