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Fermenter/Bioreactors, Cell Culture, Single-Use Chamber

Definition : Fermenters/bioreactors designed to provide optimum conditions for cell fermentation processes (including cell culture) under controlled, frequently anaerobic, conditions in a single-use (i.e., disposable) fermentation chamber. This equipment typically consist of a main unit (also known as a bioreactor) and one or more single-use (i.e., disposable) fermentation chambers (vessels). The main unit is an electromechanical apparatus with a mechanism (e.g., stirring, shaking, rotatory) that gently provides movement to the fermenter chamber (vessel) containing the fragile cells; the unit also includes process measuring and control devices (e.g., dissolved oxygen, carbon dioxide, pH, foam level). Some units may also include other devices, such as pumps, mixing devices, and filters. Single-use chamber cell culture fermenters/bioreactors are used for fermentation procedures mostly performed in plant, insect, and mammal cells.

Entry Terms : "Cell Culture Bioreactors, Single-use Chamber" , "Cell Culture Bioreactors, Single-use Vessel" , "Cell Culture Fermenters, Single-use Chamber" , "Cell Culture Fermenters, Single-use Vessel"

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