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Cuffs, Pneumatic Tourniquet, Double Bladder, Standard, Reusable

Definition : Double-bladder cuffs intended for reuse including two inflatable bladders and a standard (typically cylindrical) shape that are designed to exert a pressure on the circumference of an extremity by means of a compressed gas delivered by a pneumatic tourniquet. These devices usually include two small bladders within the cuff that are inflated through tubes (e.g., hoses) that run from the bladders' connectors to the source of compressed air located in the control unit of the tourniquet. The cuff is fastened to the extremity using contact mechanisms (e.g., clips) and frequently secured with an external ribbon. Reusable double-bladder standard cuffs may be washed and/or sterilized after each use; some of the components of the cuff (e.g., bladder, sleeve) may be replaced. They are used mainly during surgical procedures in the extremities using general anesthesia. Reusable standard double-bladder cuffs are intended for use in specific extremity areas (e.g., arm, thigh, wrist, ankle) are available. Dedicated reusable non-standard cuffs with a smaller diameter distally than proximally when wrapped (i.e., contoured cuffs) are also available.

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