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Samplers, Environmental, Air, Nitrous Oxide

Definition : Environmental samplers designed to obtain samples of nitrous oxide (N2O) from the air in a closed environment. These samplers are typically portable units that include a small constant-sampling pump, filters, and a cassette (active samplers) or devices that include a material such as charcoal that adsorbs the nitrous oxide (passive sampler). The concentration of N2O is obtained later by measuring the value in the collected sample or by desorbing the vapor from the adsorbing material. Nitrous oxide environmental samplers are used to determine the accumulated long-term value N2O in the environment when the gas is used for inhalation as an analgesic (e.g. during dental or minor surgical procedures); small passive samplers are also used as personal dosimeters. Some samplers are also used to check leaks in N2O administration systems.

Entry Terms : "Nitrous Oxide (N2O) Environmental Air Samplers"

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