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Consoles, Radiographic/Fluoroscopic/Tomographic Systems

Definition : Consoles designed to control the operation of radiographic, fluoroscopic, and/or tomographic systems. These consoles may control a variety of parameters, such as radiographic x-ray exposure and cassette positioning, exposure initiation, tube selection and x-ray exposure indicators, cassette transfer and reload; skip exposure options; cone transfer; Bucky grid transfer; shutter-mode switches; image intensifier mode selection; and photo selection to prepare for filming. Most system consoles are computerized; they may also include automatic brightness control, fluoroscopic mA selectors, table tilt, and a tabletop drive. Routinely performed sequences can be preset and/or included in pre-established programs. The consoles typically consist of a stand-alone table or stand that includes a panel with multiple switches (e.g., push-buttons) that are usually operated sequentially; each switch includes an indicator (e.g., a light, meter) that shows the condition of the controlled parameter. Radiographic/fluoroscopic/tomographic system consoles may be computerized, especially when intended for digital systems. Stand-alone consoles work as components of the systems; they are frequently located in areas remote to the procedure room. Systems that place the controls on the spot-film device or on a side of the imaging table do not include separate consoles.

Entry Terms : "Consoles, Radiographic/Fluoroscopic/Tomographic" , "Fluoroscopic System Consoles" , "Radiographic System Consoles" , "Tomographic System Consoles"

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