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Tooth Preservation Systems

Definition : Emergency kits designed for the preservation and transportation of a tooth that was knocked out (i.e., avulsed) of its socket, in anticipation of reimplantation. These kits consist of a prepackaged collection (custom or standard) of the necessary supplies and devices needed for the preservation of an avulsed tooth, including a tooth preservative solution (e.g., Hank's balanced salt solution) and a vial (typically a cup) with a plastic net inside to suspend the tooth in the preservative solution. The kit may also include swabs, bandages, and other supplies to treat superficial mouth and/or other wounds. The knocked-out tooth must be suspended in the solution as soon as possible (within 30 minutes is ideal but no more than two hours after avulsion); the preserved tooth may be reimplanted within a few days of preservation. Avulsed tooth preservation kits are intended to be used to prevent the crushing and/or dehydration of tooth cells by immersing the tooth in a pH-balanced solution compatible with periodontal cells; the kits are used mainly in the field in emergency situations after traumatic avulsion of teeth.

UMDC code : 17576


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