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Nucleic Acid Processors, Sequencing, Pyrogenic

Definition : Nucleic acid processors designed for the automated determination of the precise sequence of the base pairs (i.e., adenine, thymine, cytosine, and guanine for DNA) in a sample of nucleic acid using pyrosequencing technology. Pyrosequencing is a technology based on the principle of sequencing by synthesis which involves taking a single strand of the DNA to be sequenced and then synthesizing its complementary strand enzymatically. These processors typically consist of a central computerized unit (i.e., the sequencing instrument) with a software that permits the analysis of results in a computer; appropriate reagents; and test kits appropriate for the determination performed (e.g., mutation, methylation detection). The samples are usually prepared in a dedicated vacuum station. Pyrogenic sequencing nucleic acid processors are used mainly for rapid assessment of sequences during genetic analysis (e.g., KRAS mutations, genotyping sequence analysis), epigenetics (e.g., methylation patterns), and microbiology applications.

Entry Terms : "Next Generation Sequencing Nucleic Acid Processors" , "Pyrogenic Sequencing Nucleic Acid Processors" , "Pyrosequencing Nucleic Acid Processors" , "Sequencing by Synthesis Nucleic Acid Processors"

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