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Luminometers, Organic Contamination, Adenosine Triphosphates, Portable

Definition : Luminometers designed to measure organic contamination by quantifying adenosine triphosphate (ATP) present on a surface. These luminometers typically consist of a portable and handheld instrument, which includes a very sensitive photomultiplier detector to quantify ATP, a display to show the results, an internal battery, an electronic recorder, and dedicated detachable disposable probes. After the probe is swabbed on a surface, the ATP present on its tip makes contact with a reagent (e.g., luciferase/luciferin) included in the probe; then light emitted according to the quantity of ATP present is measured by the luminometer. Some luminometers also include dedicated probes to assess ATP under particular conditions such as wet environments or in water samples. Reports of results of the measured data (e.g., records, trends) may be assessed in a standard personal computer using dedicated software usually available with the instrument. Portable ATP luminometers are mainly used to determine the hygienic status by detecting organic residues on a surface; they are used frequently as part of Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point (HACCP) programs.

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