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Alarms, Occupancy, Chair/Wheelchair

Definition : Occupancy alarms designed to activate audible and/or visual signals when patients attempt to get out of their chairs or wheelchairs. These alarms typically consist of pressure pad sensors placed on top of or beneath the seat of a chair or wheelchair. These alarms are deployed to determine the patient's location and are connected to an electronic control unit; some chair/wheelchair occupancy alarms can interface with nurse call systems providing remote alarms. Chair/wheelchair occupancy alarms are used to alert caregivers that a patient has or is attempting to move. Chair/wheelchair occupancy alarms can help reduce the likelihood of falls and can promote speedy assistance to patients who have already fallen by alerting caregivers that patients who should not get out of their chairs unassisted are doing so.

Entry Terms : "Bed/Chair Occupancy Alarms" , "Bed/Chair Leaving Alarms" , "Chair-Exit Alarms" , "Occupancy Alarms, Chair" , "Wheelchair-Exit Alarms" , "Occupancy Alarms, Wheelchair" , "Wheelchair Occupancy Alarms" , "Chair Occupancy Alarms" , "Alarms, Chair Occupancy"

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210 Innovations LLC

Our goal for the Safe•t mate line is to introduce innovative solutions for the safety of long-term care residents. With input from caregivers, we fill the gaps with products that blend simplicity, durability and economy.

Alert Care Inc

Alert Care's AMBULARM has been used by caregivers as a simple, cost effective way to reduce patient falls and restraint usage. In that period more than 2,000 health care facilities have used nearly 100,000 AMBULARMS. AMBULARM benefits include the reduction of restraints and lowering falls by 30% or more on selected nursing stations. The AMBULARM was designed to support hospitals and nursing homes interested in Patient Fall Prevention and Reducing the Use of Restraints. Our experience indicates a hospital averages one fall incident per bed per year. While about one third of institutional falls occur with patients who are restrained, two thirds of falls reported in hospitals and nursing homes are reported from patients who are not in restraints.

AliMed Inc

AliMed is an American manufacturing company and supplier of high quality products — everything from pre-formed orthoses, alarms for fall management, cushions, diagnostic imaging and operating room accessories, orthopedic rehabilitation equipment, ergonomic workplace solutions and emergency preparedness.

ARC Distributors

A.R.C. Distributors specializes in products for Patient Transport in Healthcare Institutions.

Bell Medical

We are an exclusive dealer for high quality specialty products from around the world. We represent manufacturers such as Oridion, Parker Medical, Uscom, Teleflex, Intersurgical, Armstrong Medical, Life-Tech, Analytical, AES, Truphatek, Linebacker, SaferSonic and many others. Our goal is to provide quality specialty products that offer clinical value at a fair price.

Care Electronics Inc

Since 1988, Care Electronics, Inc. has been manufacturing electronic monitoring and alarm equipment for the Home Health and Long Term Care markets. We currently serve thousands of nursing homes, medical product distributors, and pharmacies. MedicalShopOnline gives you access to professional quality medical products at discount prices.

Colonial Medical Assisted Devices

Colonial Medical Assisted Devices has offered extensive knowledge and service to the long-term care industry. Our team is constantly generating new ideas and adding new products to assist your everyday needs. Not only do we offer competitive pricing throughout our product line.

Crest Healthcare Supply

Crest Healthcare Supply is a trusted partner to Hospitals and Long Term Care facilities that has delivered knowledgeable customer support and reliable products for over forty years. Crest was founded in 1967 when Howard Page, the original owner, purchased rights to a nurse call system owned by IBM.

Curbell Electronics Inc

Curbell Medical is about communication. From phone conversations to wireless signals, our company makes the most of every interaction. Ever since we started assembling healthcare grade TV controls in the 1960s, we have evolved to provide innovative healthcare integration solutions that make hospitals more efficient and patients more satisfied. We've built on that early success, continuing to partner with the leading companies in the nurse call, television, bed and patient monitoring industries.

Drive Medical Design and Mfg

Drive Medical Design and Manufacturing is one of the fastest growing global manufacturers and distributors of durable medical equipment. The Company markets and distributes its products to customers located throughout North America, Europe, Central America, South America, the Middle East and Asia

Emergency Caller Products

Emfit Corp

Emfit is a world-leading manufacturer of non-contact vital signs and movement sensors and electronics. Our main focus is care applications. With over 10 years of experience in fall & wandering alarms for dementia care and several years in epileptic tonic-clonic seizure alarms for both home and hospital care we are constantly evolving.

Emfit Ltd

Emfit Ltd

Glorious Union Meditech Corp

Glorious Union Meditech Corp

Nurse Assist Inc

Nurse Assist is an FDA registered medical device manufacturer of products that help improve the quality of care and quality of life for institutionalized patients or residents.

Personal Safety Corp

It is all about balancing quality and price with consistent 24-48 hour turnaround of orders. At Personal Safety Corporation we know that our business partners require the highest quality and most dependable fall and wandering prevention medical devices.

Posey Co

John Thornton Posey founded the Posey Company in 1937, when he built a bed cradle for a hospitalized friend who complained about the weight of the bedcovers on his feet. The hospital liked the idea, and asked for a price for 12 bed cradles. The Posey Company landed its first order, and made a profit of $12.

QED (Quality Enabling Devices Ltd)

QED (Quality Enabling Devices Ltd)

RF Technologies Inc

RF Technologies is a leading provider of comprehensive, integrated radio frequency identification (RFID) safety and security solutions, with an installed base of more than 10,000 systems worldwide. RF Technologies has been a leader in the RFID market since 1987, offering healthcare state-of-the-art systems like Code Alert Wandering Management, Safe Place Infant Security, SafePlace ED Elopement Management and Sensatec Fall Management.

Samarit Medizintechnik AG

Samarit Medizintechnik AG

Skil-Care Corp

Skil-Care Corporation manufactures effective safety, positioning and pressure relief products for use in the wheelchair or bed. Designed for nursing homes, hospitals, rehabilitation facilities, and homecare settings worldwide, Skil-Care products assist nurses and therapists in providing quality care without compromise.

Smart Caregiver Corp

Caregivers trust Smart products for their entire Fall Alarm Monitor and Anti-Wandering Monitor needs. The following Smart products help to reduce falls and elopement in your facility: fall monitor alarms, pull-string fall alarms, weight-sensing sensor pads for bed fall alarms or chair fall alarms, weight-sensing floor mat fall alarms, wheelchair seatbelt fall alarms, and motion sensor fall alarms.

Stanley Healthcare Solutions

Stanley Healthcare Solutions

Technical Solutions Australia Pty Ltd

Technical Solutions Australia Pty Ltd

Ultimate Safety Inc

Ultimate Safety Incorporated began operations in 1996 when a group of distributors, previously representing a competitive company, realized a need for a responsive manufacturer, sensitive to its customers needs and an improved product which would truly prevent a fall rather than alarm after the fall had occurred. Ultimate Safety acquired new system technology and has become the fastest growing company in the industry with the second largest market share.

Vitality Medical

Vitality Medical was founded in January 2000 with a purpose of providing the consumer quality medical supplies. We sell to a variety of customers including hospitals, hospices, doctor's offices, and the general public. With over 9,000 and growing, our products range from raised toilet seats to wound dressings.

1-26 of 26 Match(es).


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