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Definition : Ophthalmic instruments designed to measure the central (usually 30 degrees) visual field by presenting stimuli on the screen. These instruments usually consist of a white screen, which provides one or multiple static or mobile targets to hold the patient's fixation, and one or more static or mobile test stimuli. The patient focuses on the fixation targets and the perception of his or her response to the test stimuli is assessed. Campimeters can be manually or automatically operated using a camera to monitor the patients' fixation and computerized components to present different stimuli and to measure, analyze, and plot the visual field; they are used mainly to detect glaucoma and other eye disorders.

Entry Terms : "Diopsimeters" , "Ophthalmic Measuring Instruments" , "Measuring Instruments, Ophthalmic"

UMDC code : 10964


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LKC Technologies Inc

LKC Technologies, Inc. is the worldwide leader in the visual electrophysiology field with products in over forty countries. Our products are used to diagnose a large number of ophthalmic conditions by measuring evoked potentials, including ERG, EOG, and VEP, dark adaptometry and more.

Vermont Photonics Technologies Corp

Vermont Photonics supplies precision optical metrology equipment by Möller-Wedel, including Electronic and Visual Autocollimators, Collimators, Telescopes, Dioptometers, Alignment Telescopes, Ref- ractometers, Goniometers, and more. We offer NIST traceable certificates of calibration for select products including auto-collimators, dioptometers, and alignment telescopes.

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