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Silver Recovery Systems, Ion-Exchange Cartridge

Definition : Equipment designed to recover silver from solutions by substituting ions in the solution for other ions bound to a large polymer molecule. The silver solution is passed through a packed resin cartridge (or column), and then the resin releases its exchange ion for an ion of higher preference; in photographic (or x-ray) film processing, it can be the silver thiosulfate complex. Once the ion-exchange cartridge is exhausted, an acid solution (typically low-concentrated sulfuric acid) is sent through the resin, breaking down the silver thiosulfate complex that is held by the resin. A well-controlled system can remove silver to less than one part per million (ppm). Ion-exchange systems are used mainly in healthcare facilities to recover silver from solutions used during radiographic film processing. This technique is intended to treat dilute solutions like wash water; systems are usually used to achieve very low silver content in disposed water according to regulatory limits.

UMDC code : 17167


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Accu-Tech Industries

CPAC Imaging

For 35 years, the CPAC brand has been a leader in chemicals, mixers, silver recovery equipment, refining and accessories for Imaging professionals.

Rotex Silver Recovery Co

Rotex Silver is the pioneer in the industry and has been manufacturing silver recovery equipment since 1965. We stand behind our products and offer in-factory service.

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