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Tubes, Lacrimal Duct

Definition : Tubes designed to provide a pathway between the lacrimal sac and the nasal cavity. These devices typically consist of a very small single-lumen polymeric (e.g., silicon) tube. Lacrimal tubes are intended to provide lacrimal drainage from the eyes when the canal is obstructed or does not exist; they are usually implanted after surgery (dacryocystostomy) to dilate or create a surgical passage.

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UMDC code : 17003


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EagleVision Inc

Eagle Vision, Inc. was formed in 1983 by Jerre Minor Freeman, MD, a leading ophthalmologist and surgeon. In his practice Dr. Freeman had realized the prevalence of the dry eye problem and the lack of solutions for it. Dr. Freeman invented and patented the Eagle Vision-Freeman Punctum Plug in 1976, and Eagle Vision was formed to market the Punctum Plug and other dry eye products after FDA approval of the plug was obtained in 1984.

Gunther Weiss Scientific Glass Blowing Co

Dacryocystorhinostomy surgery provides relief to millions of people every year who suffer from tear duct problems ranging from collapsed tear ducts and excessive tearing caused by accident or injury, birth defects or environmental strain.  Left untreated, patients may experience swelling, infections, increased swelling, tearing ("wet eye") and severe pain.

Koryo Eyetech Co Ltd

Koryo Eyetech Co Ltd

Vita Needle Co Inc

Vita Needle Company has been a premier low cost domestic manufacturer of stainless steel tubing and fabricated parts.As an original FDA charter registered company (also ISO 9001/13485 certified), our manufacturing expertise sets us apart from medical to industrial applications. We understand the importance of service and high quality as a fifth generation family business. From prototypes to multi million piece orders, we are your solution.

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