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Stimulators, Caloric, Physical Therapy, Fluidized Medium

Definition : Caloric stimulators that use a dry agent (i.e., air-fluidized solids) to transfer the heat to the patient, using forced convection. These devices consist of a bed of finely divided cellulose particles located in a container. A stream of warm air (typically from 38 to 48 degrees C) is forced through the particles in such a way that the particles become suspended and behave very similar to a fluid, allowing patients to submerge and exercise body parts in them. These stimulators are also useful in physical therapy programs for desensitization of hypersensitive fingers and/or toes.

Entry Terms : "Stimulators, Fluidized Medium" , "Fluidized Medium Stimulators" , "Hot Dry Air/Fluidized Medium Units" , "Fluidotherapy Units" , "Heat Therapy Units"

UMDC code : 16982


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