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Controller/Timers, Automated Radiographic Exposure

Definition : Devices designed to terminate x-ray exposures when sufficient intensity of x-ray radiation has reached the x-ray detector to provide acceptable film darkness. These devices are commonly known as automatic exposure control (AEC) devices; they are usually included as an integral component of the Bucky system of a radiographic system table or placed after the image intensifier in a fluoroscopic system. The controllers signal the control system to stop the radiation from the generator when the radiation intensity is appropriate, usually displaying the exposure time in milliseconds. Stand-alone AEC devices are available to upgrade x-ray units and systems that do not have those capabilities; dedicated controllers designed for mobile radiographic units and mammographic equipment are also available. Stand-alone units are also used for inspection, calibration, and/or quality control of radiographic and/or fluoroscopic units and systems.

Entry Terms : "Automated Exposure Control (AEC) Devices, Radiographic" , "Phototiming Devices, Radiographic" , "Automated Radiographic Exposure Controllers" , "Automatic Exposure Controls, Radiographic" , "Portable Phototiming Devices, X-Ray"

UMDC code : 16894


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