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Aspirator/Irrigators, Surgical, Ultrasonic

Definition : Aspirator/irrigators designed to fragment and remove soft tissue during surgical procedures. These devices use mechanical vibration at ultrasonic frequencies while also providing suction and/or irrigation. These devices typically consist of a control unit that includes a generator which delivers an ultrasound energy output. They also include a pump used for suction and irrigation, and a set of detachable handpieces that are usually frequency-specific according to the place and nature of the tissue. The ultrasonic energy is converted in mechanical vibration in the dedicated handpiece; the vibrations are then applied to the tissues at a frequency appropriate for debridement. Ultrasound surgical aspirator/irrigators are used in a variety of general surgery, neurosurgery, and laparoscopic procedures. They are also used in liposuction and other soft tissue surgical procedures performed in places such as the liver, spleen, and kidneys.

Entry Terms : "Ultrasonic Aspirator/Irrigators" , "Aspirators, Ultrasonic" , "Ultrasonic Units, Therapeutic"

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Misonix Inc

Company Type: Parent

Misonix has long been at the forefront of ultrasound technology and is a world leader in the design, development, manufacturing, and marketing of ultrasonic surgical devices. Our innovative, ultrasonic platforms for surgical applications include aspirators for the removal of both soft and hard tissue, instruments for laparoscopic cutting and coagulation, devices for wound cleansing and debridement, products for precision bone cutting and sculpting, and liposuction instrumentation for improving body aesthetics.

Solta Medical Inc

Company Type: Parent

Solta Medical we are motivated by the promise of a forward thinking, science driven, pursuit of excellence. Our commitment to innovation is as boundless as the mobius in our logo, a circle without beginning or end. Like this symbolic image, Solta Medical is not constrained in any way and will always explore new intellectual, scientific and business possibilities.

Tenex Health

Company Type: Parent

Tenex Health is pioneering minimally invasive therapies for removal of diseased soft tissue and restoration of healthy musculoskeletal function. Our mission is to help people quickly and safely relieve pain, restore function, and return to doing the things they enjoy.

Zimmer Biomet

Company Type: Parent

1-4 of 4 Match(es).


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