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Transmitter/Receiver Systems, Telephone, Physiologic Monitor

Definition : Telephone transmitter/receiver systems designed to transmit and receive one or more signals from a physiologic monitor through telephone channels. These systems typically include at the transmitting site an electronic device (e.g., modem) that modifies signals from medical (e.g., external, ambulatory, implanted) physiologic monitors or recorders and makes them transmissible through telephone lines. At the receiving end, another electronic device (i.e., the receiver) processes the incoming signal and provides an output signal appropriate for display on dedicated monitors (e.g., central station), recording, and/or for further transmission and processing by healthcare information systems. Physiologic monitor telephonic transmitter/receiver systems are typically used to send signals from patients' homes, doctors' offices, and/or remote locations to hospital and other healthcare facilities using standard telephone lines. Dedicated systems for monitoring particular parameters, such as fetal and pulmonary function assessment may be also available.

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AMD Global Telemedicine Inc

Welcome to AMD Global Telemedicine, the world's leading supplier of complete telemedicine solutions with installations in 86 countries. AMD has served the telemedicine global community since 1993 and built its reputation on quality and performance ever since then.

American TeleCare Inc

Founded in 1993, American TeleCare, Inc. (ATI) has evolved from the pioneer in video based in-home patient monitoring to the "Gold Standard" in the industry in healthcare innovation having solved some of the most challenging, complex issues being faced in healthcare today.

Cybernet Systems Corp

Cybernet Systems Corporation is a solutions company committed to advancing human performance through the application of technology. Cybernet is a leader in American research and development in the medical and defense fields and is one of the country's largest Small Business Innovative Research (SBIR) contract winners. Located in Ann Arbor, Michigan, Cybernet was founded in 1989 and has completed hundreds of U.S. Department of Defense contracts and is a certified 8(a), woman-owned small business.

General Devices

General Devices, incorporated in 1979, has specialized in the design, development and manufacture of medical devices, concentrating for the last 20 years in the area of voice and data communications, information management and telemedicine systems for Emergency Medical Services and Emergency Departments.

Jones Medical Instrument Co

JonesMedical.com, the one-stop online source for all of your spirometry needs including the industries only Best Price Guarantee!. Spirometry is one of today's most accepted and beneficial diagnostic medical tests.

Medical Specialties Distributors LLC

Medical Specialties Distributors (MSD) is the leading distributor of infusion related products and biomedical equipment rentals and service into the alternate care market. MSD has assembled teams of experts, dedicated to the work of supply chain logistics, cost containment, equipment management, online learning, online ordering, formulary management, patient home delivery, and much more.



Neptec International

Neptec Design Group is a privately owned Canadian company, headquartered in Ottawa with an office, NeptecUSA, in Houston Texas. Neptec specializes in the design, development, implementation and operation of intelligent 3D machine vision systems and is comfortable and experienced in working in high quality, mission-critical environments.

Nexan Ltd

Nexan Ltd

Novamed USA

NOVAMED USA is committed to the development of innovative solutions for critical care and surgical applications. Utilized in hospitals and medical centers worldwide, NOVAMED USA products are designed to meet the needs of medical specialists in critical care departments including anesthesia, intensive care, cardiac care, pediatrics, neonatal, pain management, EMS and more.

nSpire Health Ltd

nSpire Health Ltd

Secure Care Products Inc

Secure Care is a global leader in the design, manufacture, distribution, and service of specialty electronic products to provide security solutions in the healthcare setting. Our products provide essential protection for loved ones across the life-spectrum from our infant security to our wandering resident solutions.

TeleMedic Systems Ltd

TeleMedic Systems Ltd

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