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Definition : Electrocardiographs designed for recording a graphical representation of the sequence of changes in magnitude and direction (i.e., vector representation) of the electric potentials in a complete cardiac cycle (i.e., a vectorcardiogram). These instruments typically consist of dedicated electrocardiographs including appropriate electrodes, computing capabilities, and software, as well as graphical plotters that can plot the vector cardiogram from the electrocardiographic signals. Some devices transmit electrical signals to the horizontal and vertical grids of an oscilloscope, resulting in a loop displayed on the screen that represents the two-dimensional projection (i.e., the projection on the sagittal, frontal, or horizontal plane of the body) of the tip of all the instantaneous electrocardiographic vectors; the graphical representation is usually a photograph of the loop inscribed in the oscilloscope. Vectorcardiographs are used to diagnose abnormal and pathologic conditions of the heart.

Entry Terms : "Cardiographs, Vector"

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