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Pain Gauges, Cutaneous

Definition : Algesimeters designed to determine sensitivity to pain (i.e., pain threshold) produced by a sharp pin as measured by a strain gauge. These instruments typically consist of a sharp needle, a blunt tip, and a strain gauge. The pressure needed to feel the pain produced by the sharp point of the needle, as measured by the pressure exerted on an adjacent blunt tip in unaffected areas, is used to determine the pain threshold (15 grams is considered typical). Exaggerated and reduced responses relative to the unaffected area are defined as hyperalgesia and hypoalgesia, respectively; the lack of response is defined as anesthesia. Pin strain gauge algesimeters are used to evaluate the effects of pain after the use of analgesics (e.g., morphine) and/or during diagnosis and/or treatment of nerve injuries and neuropathies.

Entry Terms : "Algesimeters" , "Odynometers"

UMDC code : 12950


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