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Water-Jet Surgical Units

Definition : Surgical units designed to perform surgery using jets of high-pressure water or water solutions (e.g., saline). The devices typically consist of a central console for pressurizing the liquid which includes controls and an operating switch (e.g., footpedal); a liquid-delivery system, including a pump, tubes, high-pressure nozzles, and a liquid container; and specialized handpieces (usually disposable) to apply the jet. Some units include a collecting system to capture the jet and debris. These surgical units perform resection without warming; they can also cut apart (i.e., dissect) certain tissues from other, such as liver tissue from vessels and muscle from fat. Water-jet surgical units can provide the desired tissue dissection either immersed in irrigation fluid or in air; some units are specialized for endoscopic and/or dermal procedures.

Entry Terms : "Surgical Units" , "Hydrosurgical Units" , "Jet Cutters" , "Water-Jet Dissectors" , "Hydro-Jet Dissectors" , "Fluid-Jet Dissectors" , "Liquid-Jet Surgical Units" , "Hydro-Jet Surgical Units" , "Fluid-Jet Surgical Units"

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