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Waste-Disposal Units, Liquid

Definition : Units designed for the safe disposal of liquid waste, including contaminated or potentially infectious liquid or semiliquid blood and/or other body fluids. All types of units include a component that is permanently connected to the electrical and drainage systems in one location (e.g., operating room, sterilizing room) and that is used to dispose of the liquid into the sewage system; the units differ in the way that liquid is collected and/or transported to the unit that is directly connected to the sewage. Direct collection units evacuate the waste liquid directly from the suction field and into the sewage system in a single operation; canister-based units drain the waste liquid directly from standard or dedicated collection canisters that are transported to the location; and cart-based systems include a dedicated cart in a separate room for liquid waste collection and transport it to the disposal area without moving the collecting canisters. Some units include canister detergent washing and/or disinfecting cycles and/or other functions (e.g., smoke evacuation). Liquid waste-disposal units are used in healthcare facilities for liquid waste management, including collection and disposal, with minimal exposure to the staff.

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