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Washers, Labware/Surgical Instrument, Ultrasonic

Definition : Surgical instrument washers designed for automatic removal of dirt, stains, and/or biological debris (i.e., washing) from labware (e.g., glass and plastic beakers, test tubes), surgical instruments, and/or other critical devices using ultrasonic energy. The process is performed by delivering ultrasonic waves to a tank filled with a warm cleaning solution (e.g., detergents formulated for ultrasonic cleansing). These systems typically include a radiofrequency generator (frequencies from 25 to 40 kHz are typical), ultrasonic transducers, a heating unit, and a stainless steel tank with baskets and/or trays. Cleaning is performed by the scrubbing action of the ultrasonic vibration and also by the implosion of bubbles (i.e., cavitation effect). Surgical instrument ultrasonic washers may include two or three tanks to perform automatic cycles for washing, rinsing, and drying; they may also include heating capabilities. This equipment may provide some level of disinfection by killing and/or inactivating several microorganism species; it is commonly used after general cleaning and before thermal or chemical disinfection. Both stand-alone and tabletop units are available for use in central supplies departments of healthcare facilities.

Entry Terms : "Ultrasound Cleaning Systems" , "Surgical Instrument Ultrasound Cleaning Systems" , "Labware Ultrasound Cleaning Systems" , "Ultrasonic Cleaners" , "Cleaners, Ultrasonic"

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