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Vitrectomy Units

Definition : Ophthalmic surgical units designed to remove vitreous gel from the eye (vitrectomy). The units may consist of a miniature handheld cutter (vitrectomy cutter) to cut and aspirate the vitreous gel a fiberoptic light source to illuminate the vitreous cavity, a gravity-fed infusion device to infuse fluid into the eye to maintain the intraocular pressure, a microscope and a contact lens to provide a magnified image of the interior eye, and microsurgical instruments (e.g., forceps, scissors) to remove scar or other tissue. During surgery, the eyes can be filled with air or a mixture of air and gas to repair retinal detachment or to close a macular hole. Laser treatment can also be performed in the surgery with a laser probe to seal blood vessels in the retina (photocoagulation). Vitrectomy units are used mainly in vitrectomy to treat vitreous hemorrhage, retinal detachment, intraocular injury or infection, and other eye disorders.

Entry Terms : "Vitrectomy Systems" , "Cutters, Vitreous Infusion Suction" , "Vitreous Infusion Suction Cutters"

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