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Video Systems, Microscope, IVD Oocyte Imaging

Definition : Video systems designed to display in video monitors oocyte images in real time taken from microscope eyepieces. These systems typically consist of an adapter used to attach a video camera (usually a charge-coupled device [CCD]) to the optical system of a microscope, an image processor with dedicated software to process information from the oocytes, a video monitor, and recording devices; the system also uses a microscope with appropriate optical characteristics. In-vitro oocyte imaging video systems provide images of the meiotic and mitotic spindle (i.e., the subcellular structures that release chromosomes between daughter cells during cell division processes known as meiosis and mitosis respectively), the three-layered zona pellucida, and/or other birefringent structures. The systems are used to evaluate the quality of living oocytes (e.g., by monitoring changes in spindle parameters) without the use of stains.

Entry Terms : "In-Vitro Oocyte Imaging Video Systems" , "Mitosis Cell Division Imaging Video Systems"

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