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Ventilators, Intensive Care, Neonatal/Pediatric, High-Frequency

Definition : Neonatal/pediatric intensive care ventilators that use positive pressure to deliver breaths at frequencies much higher than the normal breathing rate (100 or more times per minute is typical) and at a reduced tidal volume. The two most common techniques used are high-frequency oscillation ventilation and high-frequency jet ventilation; typical oscillation ventilators operate at frequencies of 400 to 2400 cycles/minute, while jet ventilators operate from 100 to 600 cycles/minute. These ventilators are designed to reduce pressured-induced lung damage (i.e, barotrauma) and to reduce the risk of air leaks or to improve ventilation when air leaks previously existed.

Entry Terms : "Ventilators, Flow-Interruption" , "Flow-Interruption Ventilators, High-Frequency" , "High-Frequency Ventilators" , "Ventilators, Oscillatory" , "Oscillatory Ventilators, High-Frequency" , "Jet Ventilators" , "Ventilators, Jet"

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