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Definition : Devices consisting of containers or fixtures that are designed to collect and that may hold urine. Urinals intended for use in healthcare are typically handheld portable containers with appropriate openings for direct urination. These urinals are made of plastic (for single patient use) or made of glass or metal (reusable); the shape may be conformed for use by people of any sex (i.e., unisex) or for use only by males or females. Some urinals include attached lids and/or other devices to prevent spills. Portable urinals are used mainly by bedridden patients and people with disabilities or incontinence. Other urinals intended for use in bathrooms may resemble small toilets to be used while sitting on them or, more frequently, fixtures attached to the walls for urination while standing (mainly intended for male users). Some wall-installed urinals may be used by several people simultaneously.

UMDC code : 14291

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