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Tracks/Carriers, Intravenous

Definition : Tracks and carriers designed to support intravenous fluid (IV) container pendants (e.g., poles, hangers), facilitating the administration of IV fluids. These devices typically consist of long (e.g., 6 m [20 feet]) sections of metal (e.g., steel, aluminum) or hard plastic hollow structures (tracks) and sliding carriers (e.g., wheels or bars) capable of supporting the weight of the IV containers (typically up to 30 or 40 kg [66 to 88 pounds]). IV container tracks and carriers are used to permit movement of patients connected to IV containers or site changes in bed areas, operating rooms, and other clinical areas.

Entry Terms : "Intravenous Tracks and Carriers" , "Intravenous Ceiling Mounts"

UMDC code : 15620

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