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Toothbrushes, Ultrasonic

Definition : Toothbrushes designed to perform mechanical and ultrasonic cleaning of teeth. These toothbrushes clean the teeth with a simultaneous mechanical motion (e.g., back-and-forth, circular, elliptical) and an ultrasonic wave action when manually placed on the teeth by the user. Ultrasonic toothbrushes typically include a set of bristles arranged in a rectangular or circular array, an ultrasound transducer, and a handle that includes an electric motor and batteries. Ultrasonic toothbrushes are usually reusable battery-powered devices.

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Comfort House

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The Source for Products That Make Your Life Easier! We are a small business founded in 1991 and based in Newark, NJ. We serve customers around the world with a superb selection of products designed to make life at home more comfortable. There are many imitators of our name and original ideas, but we are the store that was the Comfort pioneer. Comfort House has been featured on CNN, ABC News, Good Morning America, and more than 500 newspapers, magazines, and radio shows. Our client roster includes people like you and I, a long list of celebrities, and even a king

DenMat Holdings LLC

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South East Instruments Corp

Company Type: Parent

Since the mid 1960's our company has developed and patented many ideas, including ultrasonic scalers, ultrasonic tooth brushes and ultrasonic inserts. For many years our company has manufactured highly technical, micro electronic medical products such as digital inflation syringe devices for cardiac angioplasty, and our current magnetostrictive ultrasonic dental scaler under the brand name Autoscaler

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