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Testers, Steam Sterilization Unit/Process

Definition : Testers designed for automated assessment of the main physical parameters of steam sterilization units and steam sterilization process. These testers are computerized electronic devices that include measuring capabilities for parameters such as temperature, time, and pressure. The testers also perform an assessment of the conditions of a steam sterilizer such as a steam penetration test and sterilizing chamber seal integrity and may provide calibration and/or diagnosis of the steam sterilizer status. The testers usually include software programs for data analysis, recording, and communication with laboratory and hospital information systems. Steam sterilization unit and process testers are used to determine if the conditions of the sterilization unit and process are appropriate to sterilize devices.

Entry Terms : "Sterilization Testers" , "Steam Sterilization Process Testers, Electronic" , "Steam Sterilization Process/Unit Testers" , "Steam Sterilization Unit Testers, Electronic" , "Steam Sterilization Unit/Process Testers"

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