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Tester/Reconditioners, Battery

Definition : Devices designed to determine the electrical conditions (state of charge and/or capacity of being charged) and restore the capacity of rechargeable batteries (e.g., nickel-cadmium, lead-acid, lithium). These devices restore the capacity of rechargeable batteries using a controlled charge and/or discharge cycle, which reverses some chemical process inside the battery, such as crystalline formation on the cell plates (memory) of nickel-cadmium batteries. Most testers can also identify battery defects, display deficiencies, and determine the charge energy required and the useful ampere-hours in the battery. Some battery testers/reconditioners can automatically recognize the type of battery and restore and/or recharge the battery accordingly using preprogrammed values of electric current and/or voltage.

Entry Terms : "Battery Analyzer/Reconditioners" , "Battery Reconditioners"

UMDC code : 18349

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