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Tags, Medical Triage

Definition : Tags designed to identify and classify individuals according to a priority status based on the severity of injuries suffered. These tags usually include a standard color code (e.g., separate-color tags, colored tear-offs) for patient's classification and a sequential code for identification. The severity of injuries is determined using an established procedure, such as the simple triage and rapid treatment (START) system, which is based on the respiration, pulse, and mental (rpm) status. The usual classification color code is red for individuals who need immediate care; yellow when delayed care is possible; green for individuals with minor injuries, who can leave the affected area by themselves (I.e., walking wounded); and black for dead/dying victims. Triage tags are attached to the victim's body (e.g., tied to their neck or limbs); they are used mostly in mass-casualty incidents (typically more than 10 victims), including bus accidents, factory explosions, fires, storms, flooding, train and airplane crashes, and chemical, biological, and radiation (I.e., hazardous materials) incidents.

Entry Terms : "Disaster Tags" , "Triage Tags"

UMDC code : 20348

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