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Stereotactic Systems, Frame-Guided, Radiosurgical

Definition : Frame-guided computer-aided stereotactic surgical systems designed to aid in the performance of radiosurgical procedures from the exterior of the body using a single high dose of ionizing radiation. These systems typically combine medical imaging, a rigid frame (e.g., a headframe) attached to the patient body for guidance, dedicated computer software, and a strong source of radiation. Frame-guided stereotactic systems typically provide medical images that show the location of the instruments relative to pre-operative images obtained from one or more imaging modalities such as computed tomography (CT) and/or magnetic resonance imaging (MRI). Dedicated systems using either gamma radiation (e.g., Cobalt 60 sources) or linear accelerators intended for particular applications such as intracranial and spinal neurosurgery are available.

Entry Terms : "Frame-Guided Radiosurgical Stereotactic Systems" , "Stereotactic Systems, Radiosurgical"

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