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Socks/Stockings, Stump

Definition : Socks or stockings designed to be worn by leg and arm amputees over the residual limb (i.e., stump) for warmth and protection, to add padding or cushioning, to reduce friction, to provide a more comfortable prosthetic fit, and to wick moisture away from the skin. Stump socks or stockings are made in various sizes to fit above-knee or below-knee amputation stumps, or to fit arm stumps. They are typically knit as stretchy fabric tubes and in various sizes for ease in fit. They are washable and made from natural plant fibers, animal fibers, or synthetic fibers, or a combination of two or more of these fibers. Stump socks or stockings are made either with one closed end and one open end, or with an open end and a small hole in the other end intended for use with locking prosthetic liners.

Entry Terms : "Prosthetic Socks" , "Socks, Prosthetic" , "Stump Socks" , "Stump Covers" , "Sheaths, Prosthetic" , "Prosthetic Sheaths" , "Covers, Stump" , "Amputee Socks" , "Prosthetic Stockings" , "Socks, Amputee" , "Socks, Stump"

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