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Slide Stainers, Cytology/Histology

Definition : Slide stainers that automate the staining of prepared cytology and/or histology tissue specimens by diffusing dyes into the specimens through surface adsorption, direct staining, indirect staining, or mordant staining. The two processing systems used by automated slide stainers are rotating and linear transport. Rotating systems usually use a transport arm that moves a basket to the appropriate staining or wash vessel located on a circular platform and then lowers and lifts the basket into and out of the vessels. The linear transport system uses either a conveyor belt that transports the slides singly into each vessel or a transport basket with one or more linear transport arms and a series of parallel staining and wash vessels. Most designs have built-in fume hoods or lids affixed to each staining vessel to prevent laboratory personnel exposure. Some devices incorporate programmable microprocessor controls.

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