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Saws, Postmortem, Electric, Oscillating

Definition : Electric saws designed to cut hard tissue during autopsy and dissection (i.e., postmortem) procedures using a serrated blade that oscillates at a very high speed perpendicular to the axis of the machine without full rotation. These saws are waterproof (doubled-insulated), heavy-duty, handheld instruments with an electric motor; a mechanism to drive the blade; a detachable, flat, circular or semicircular, toothed blade; and an electric cable. Special attachments, including deep cutting blades, double-bladed mechanisms, and dedicated trephines, are available for these saws. Oscillating electric postmortem saws are used to cut bone (e.g., cranium) and other hard tissue; they are frequently provided with an extraction unit and a container for collecting bone/tissue debris.

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