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Radiographic/Fluoroscopic Systems, Urologic

Definition : Radiographic/fluoroscopic (R/F) systems that usually have power-assisted tabletops to facilitate longitudinal and lateral movement. Operating controls are typically located on the base of the table and include foot controls for table height, tilt, and lateral positioning. These tables achieve a wide range of height and tilt positions, including a vertical tilt necessary for urological radiographic procedures. Urological tables are usually provided with a foot support on which the patient can stand and with shoulder braces or handgrips to prevent the patient from sliding. Some of these systems can perform cross-sectional images (tomography) and narrow-angle tomography (zonography). Urological R/F systems may also include digital recording devices, cine cameras, and some digital acquisition and processing capability. Urological R/F systems are used for endoscopic examination of the urinary tract (cystoscopy), urological diagnostic procedures, transurethral surgery (e.g., prostate), and a wide range of other general urological, surgical, and gynecologic procedures requiring radiologic support.

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