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Plates, Cranioplasty

Definition : Implantable plates designed to be used to repair skull defects. These plates are typically made of sheets of biocompatible materials such as metal (e.g., titanium, stainless steel), polymerized plastic resins, or, less frequently, ceramics; they are usually preformed before surgery, but some plates (e.g., tantalum) may be reshaped during surgery without altering their physical or chemical properties. Preformed skull plates generally have a central convex curvature matching the curvature of the forehead, side, or rear of the human skull; they are usually fixed to intact cranial bones using appropriate screws and/or other fasteners. Cranioplasty plates are used to repair defects created or caused by injury, surgical tumor removal, or congenital anomaly or disease.

Entry Terms : "Sheets, Cranioplasty" , "Cranioplasty Plates" , "Plates, Bone, Skull" , "Skull Plates"

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