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Orthoses, Spine, Cervicothoracic-Lumbosacral, Therapeutic, Brace

Definition : Cervicothoracic-lumbosacral spine immobilizer orthoses designed for maximum restriction of movements and/or total immobilization of the cervical, thoracic, lumbar, and sacral segments of the spine. These orthoses (also known as Milwaukee braces) typically consist of a metallic (usually steel) and leather structure that is placed from the pelvis to the mandible and cranium (occiput); it includes a neck ring, two occipital pads and also a lateral pad that is located in the convex side of the spinal deformity. Cervicothoracic-lumbosacral braces are intended to keep the thoracic spine constrained over the sacrum in the treatment of scoliosis located in the cervicothoracic segment of the spine.

Entry Terms : "Back Braces" , "Cervicothoracic-Lumbosacral Braces, Scoliosis" , "Milwaukee Braces" , "Scoliosis Treatment Braces" , "Therapeutic Orthoses"

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