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Monitors, Physiologic, Respiration, Respiratory Gas, Inspired Oxygen, Bedside/Intraoperative

Definition : Physiologic respiratory monitors designed for continuous measurement and display of the partial pressure of inspired oxygen (FiO2) in a gas mixture and are hard-wired to the patient at the bedside and/or in the operating room. These monitors consist of a main electronic unit that can measure using a galvanic cell whose voltage changes with the concentration of oxygen or a polarographic cell whose current varies with the oxygen concentration, sensors, and a display that shows the changes in voltage or current as percent of oxygen concentration. Most of these monitors include alarms for dangerous levels of oxygen concentrations. Oxygen respiratory monitors are intended for use with critical air ventilators and other oxygen administration equipment; they are also used to check the accuracy of ventilator settings and the purity of compressed oxygen and air; intraoperative use of inspired oxygen monitors during administration of anesthetic gases is also possible.

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