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Monitors, Physiologic, Blood Pressure, Bedside, Noninvasive

Definition : Blood pressure monitors designed for quasi-continuous noninvasive measurement and display of blood pressure values intermittently or at preset intervals and are hard-wired to the patient at the bedside. These monitors are based on external, noninvasive sensors working in a way similar to automated sphygmomanometers; they typically consist of an electronic unit that acquires and/or processes the signal from a transducer located inside tubing attached to a pneumatic cuff wrapped around the patient's arm. This transducer detects blood pressure fluctuations and transmits this information to the physiologic monitor which displays the values of the electrical signals from the sensor as maximum and minimum values of blood pressure (i.e., systolic and diastolic pressures); these monitors also display a mean pressure calculated from the measured values using a software algorithm. Most noninvasive blood pressure (NIBP) monitors can also include measurement of the pulse rate and alarm if the patient blood pressure or pulse rate are out of preset limits.

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