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Lifts, Unoccupied Wheelchair/Scooter, Motor Vehicle

Definition : Lifts designed for manual and/or automated lifting of a wheelchair or scooter that does not contain a passenger (i.e., unoccupied/empty) inside or to the exterior of a motor vehicle. These lifts may consist of a manual or power-operated mechanism. Automated lift mechanisms may be capable of folding the wheelchair (for manual and foldable wheelchairs), sometimes locking it in an enclosure and then lifting. Motor vehicle wheelchair lifts operate by lifting and attaching the wheelchair into the vehicle (e.g., into the trunk) or externally at the rear (e.g., for powered wheelchairs or scooters), or on the roof of the vehicle (for foldable wheelchairs); the lifts make possible or facilitate the transportation of nonoccupied wheelchairs.

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