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Image Intensifiers

Definition : Devices designed for brightening the screen image (i.e., intensifying) in fluoroscopic procedures, reducing the radiation dose needed. An image intensifier converts radiation to electrons, which in turn are accelerated and converted to light. These devices consist of metal or glass electron tube including a photocatode, accelerating electrodes, an input phosphor at one end, and an output phosphor at the other end. The amplification in brightness is proportional to the relation of the areas between the input and output phosphors. Image intensifiers are typically described in terms of their input phosphor diameter (e.g., 15, 30 cm). The output phosphor image is usually taken by a TV camera or CCD converter for processing and display in a fluoroscopic television system

Entry Terms : "X-Ray Intensification Tubes" , "Image Intensification Systems" , "Tubes, X-Ray Intensification" , "Radiographic/Fluoroscopic Unit Accessories"

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