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Freezers, Blood Bank, Cryogenic, Electromechanical

Definition : Blood bank cryogenic freezers designed to store red blood cells (RBCs) using conventional compressed-gas cycles for cooling. These devices typically include an enclosure to store the frozen products, an electrical gas compressor, tubes and valves for the refrigerating gas, and appropriate temperature sensors and controls. Electromechanical cryogenic freezers typically perform a cascade two-cycle refrigeration process to lower the temperature in their chambers to or below -130 degrees Celsius (-202 degrees Fahrenheit). RBCs preserved with a cryoprotective agent such as glycerol at 40 percent or dimethyl sulfoxide may be stored for long periods, typically up to 10 years. Cryogenic blood bank freezers are used mainly to store rare types at RBCs.

Entry Terms : "Electromechanical Cryogenic Freezers"

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