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Flowmeters, Gas, Inspection/Maintenance

Definition : Gas flowmeters designed to measure the gas flow rate through pipes or equipment tubing for the inspection and/or maintenance of medical devices. These instruments are typically mechanical or electronic instruments with a digital display that may use one of several measuring techniques (e.g., ultrasound, electromagnetic) and different ranges of measuring capacity (e.g., 0.1 to 1 L/min for anesthesia units, 1 to 15 L/min for gaseous lasers, 10 to 50 L/min for aspirators, and up to 250 L/min for medical gas/vacuum systems). Simpler instruments (variable area flowmeters, also known as rotameters), consisting of a vertical tapered glass tube containing a cone or ball that is pushed by the moving gas stream and lowered by gravity measuring flow by the position of the ball in the graduated tube, are also available. Inspection/maintenance gas flowmeters are used to assess gas circulation during inspection, preventive maintenance, and/or field calibration of medical devices.

Entry Terms : "Medical Device Inspection/Maintenance Gas Flowmeters"

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